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A schizophrenic with possible HIV infection.

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Hello again experts,
                          Recently, I had another potential risk event. Please provide me with your advice. I met a woman at a local party. We spoke for a while and decided to get some privacy. In her room, I was totally naked and she was topless while wearing her hipsters the whole time. We were fondling with each other but, there was NO kissing at all. There was NO sex or oral sex at all as well. We both were cautious as we were not intoxicated. But, there was a lot of hand to genital action from her on me. My concern starts from here.

Two days ago, I hurt myself at work and got a scrape on my arm, just below the elbow region. I bled for a while then, I cleaned the minor wound and put on a band aid. Today, during our fondling moment, my band aid came off. I might have been bleeding but, I am not sure at all cos' there was no visible blood anywhere. But, when I checked out my scrape, I felt as if there is a thin layer of skin above the scrape and I could see blood through it. But, there was no visible bleeding. And I am sure that she wasn't bleeding at all since, I checked her body twice after my realization. But, I was concerned when I saw 2 big circular black marks on her back. They must have been 3 CMs in radius each. And she also had some tiny black marks on other parts of her body as well. This is where I really got scared. Let's consider that she is HIV+. We rolled a lot on her bed and I am sure my band aid was off at that time. She also had a few dried wound marks on her body. Is there any possible way I could contract HIV in this particular scenario?

Please let me know:

1) Do I get myself tested for HIV over this incident? I am still a virgin by the way.

2) If somehow some of her bodily fluids fell on the bed and my scrape came in contact with these fluids while we rolled around on the bed, would it be a concern for HIV?

3) If she had some fluids on her hand and she touched my scrape with the same hand, would that be a concern for HIV?

I am sorry if my concerns are being redundant. Most of the time my paranoia gets the best of me. Thanks for your patience and advice in advance.

Have you read nothing we have written?

Of course you have not had a risk. None at all.

I am sorry if I've angered you jkinatl2. I have read everything replied to me on this thread. And as far as I know it was related to the handjob and the oil. I am not concerned about the fondling and the handjob tbh. I was only concerned about the scrape I have near my elbow. Again, I am sorry, angering anyone was not my intention. :(

Andy Velez:
It is not a question of "angering" anyone here. It's a matter of you apparently not paying any real attention to what has been said to you about risk and non-risk.

For a last time, HIV is a fragile virus and not easy to transmit. The only confirmed risks for the sexual transmission of HIV are unprotected vaginal and anal intercourse. As long as condoms are used properly everytime for those activities you will be well protected.

Now stop creating problems to worry about unnecessarily and get on with your life. You do not have an HIV problem. Period.

Thanks again. I'll try my best to get HIV out of my mind.


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