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I apologize for not wanting to go into detail about my exposure.  I am a male, the exposure was very rough oral followed by brief vaginal sex, both unprotected.  I couldn't stand the waiting & tested again at 10 weeks (oral swab), it was negative again.  The skin issues persist on my face and hands, along with pain under and around my ribs, in my groin & neuropathy in my feet, mostly right which is where the groin pain is primarily as well.

     It may be worth mentioning that all of the Oraquick tests have been the oral swab type.  I'm not exaggerating or imagining what is happening to me either.  I'm a professional guy, early 30's and have never experienced anything like this in my life.  I called my PCP last week & asked for a referral to an ID specialist, she refused based on the negative 8 week test she gave me.  Because of insurance, I cannot see a specialist without a referral.

Tonight the node under my left ear has decided to join in the fun.  I will be shocked if I continue to test negative beyond 12 weeks.


Your doctor was right to not refer you to an ID specialist. You don't need one. Your eight week negative was never going to change and neither is your ten week negative.

Stop chasing a virus you obviously don't have and start working with your doctor to find out what is actually causing your problems. Whatever that may be, it ain't hiv.

And just so you know, I have no doubt that what you're experiencing is real. You just need to understand that hiv isn't the only pathogen or illness in the world - and you've all but ruled hiv out of the picture. Good luck in getting healthy again.

By the way, have you tested for all the other, MUCH more easily transmitted STIs? Just because you didn't get hiv from this encounter doesn't mean you didn't pick up some other STI. If you haven't already, get a FULL STI panel done.

Syphilis, for example, is often known as "the great imitator" due to its frequent atypical presentations. Primary syphilis chancres (sores, pronounced shankers) are painless so unless you see the chancre, you wouldn't have a single clue it was there. Syphilis shares a three month testing window period with hiv, so get a blood test for it when you confirm your negative hiv results at twelve weeks. DO IT. (Are you aware that there are FAR more people walking around with undiagnosed syphilis than there are people walking around with undiagnosed hiv? Gets you thinking, eh?)

I hope you learn from this and start using condoms for anal or vaginal intercourse. This isn't the Summer of Love, it's the 21st century. Wise up.


Thanks Ann, your confidence helps, I appreciate it.  I was tested for all other STIs, at 2 and 8 weeks.  My MD doesn't believe there is a need beyond the test she gave me at 8 weeks.  I know you've seen this a million times, so I truly appreciate your opinion.

My MD believes this is all being caused by anxiety, depression, stress and alcohol withdrawal.  I was a pretty heavy drinker for ~16 yrs & quit shortly after this incident.  She is treating me with Cymbalta & counseling.  I hope you are both right!


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