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Just waiting to have it officially ruled out.  There are still a lot of unexplained things going on.  Believe me, I'm hoping you all are right.  And if stress, depression & anxiety is causing all this I'll check myself into a mental hospital!

Well, the Oraquick oral swab at 91 days was negative as everyone predicted, and the only one surprised is me!  Unfortunately however, I'm afraid I will have to renege on checking in to a mental institution at the moment, as I have far too much going on in my life right now.  It is still very hard for me to believe my result, though most of my 'symptoms' have faded or completely disappeared. 

Stopping unisom & valerian root and switching Cymbalta to the AM has resolved my night sweats & insomnia.  Lotion & dandruff shampoo has also mostly resolved my skin issues.  I am still meeting with my new Physician today & will give him the full story as the groin/leg pain & neuropathy issues persist, though significantly less intense. 

I cannot thank you all enough for what you do here.  Without the help of this forum I would likely have been committed to the institution against my will!  I understand that it would be a medical/scientific oddity for me to test positive now & hopefully I can put this all behind me and get back to normal.  I'm a young married professional guy with children.  My life & career have been going incredibly well.  I made a mistake on a business trip & it nearly destroyed me.  THAT is something I will NEVER forget!  Thank you all.  Feel free to steer the incredibly worried to this thread, as there isn't a SINGLE 'ARS symptom' that I did not experience!

I met with the new MD, who's opinion was similar to the first one.  Though he did insist on a 6 month test.  I was ready to put this to rest and move on, but it's very hard.  The pain near my spleen, problems with night sweats & waking up after a few hours are still going on.  The neuropathy & pain in my right foot/leg have been constant as well, my foot is constantly numb.  The test at 90 days was an over the counter Oraquick swab.  I'm very nervous to continue testing, but apparently I still need to.


This new doctor is way behind the times where hiv testing is concerned. The window period for hiv testing has been three months for years now.


I suggest you find a doctor who doesn't share you hiv testing obsession and find one who will investigate other possible causes to your physical discomfort. Whatever is causing it, it isn't hiv. You have already ruled hiv out as a possible cause.

If you read the Welcome Thread before posting like you're supposed to, you will have read the following posting guideline:

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Anyone who continues to post excessively, questioning a conclusive negative result or no-risk situation, will be subject to a four week Time Out (a temporary ban from the Forums). If you continue to post excessively after one Time Out, you may be given a second Time Out which will last eight weeks. There is no third Time Out - it is a permanent ban. The purpose of a Time Out is to encourage you to seek the face-to-face help we cannot provide on this forum.

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Please consider yourself warned!


     Would you kindly consolidate ALL of my posts here?  You all were absolutely correct, I am 100% HIV negative.  What happened to me is incredible, and I'd like to help others avoid doing what I did.
     After Ann's warning, I stopped testing or seeing doctors at all.  I wasn't sure what to believe, science, your input, my doctors opinion.... I was fed up and frustrated.  Everything I described in my posts happened.  ALL of the symptoms, testing so much I ended up with a positive from Home Access, all of it.  Eventually, what was going on with me got bad enough that it couldn't be ignored and I found yet another MD.  I never mentioned HIV to him once, I didn't want it to be 'my idea', so I kept my mouth shut.  Test after test, a visit with a general surgeon, gallbladder removal, more tests, a visit to an Osteopath for the neuropathy, nerve conduction studies, more tests... A referral from him to an ID doc.  All the while, I kept quiet about my HIV concern.  The ID doc talked to me for about 2 hours, when he was finished he came back into the room and said "I'd like to do some tests" the first test he wanted to do was HLA-B27, because he suspected Reiter's/Reactive Arthritis.  I told him I had tested positive for that marker when I was 13, and again when I was 30.  He wanted to test me for HIV, antibody screen and Western/Immunoblot for both HIV 1 and 2, I said 'ok' and signed the papers.  He also tested me for a number of other strange and rare diseases, since my job requires me to travel all over the globe.  EVERYTHING was negative, everything.  He told me that the only explanation was Reiter's syndrome, possibly combined with rheumatoid arthritis, both 'technically' autoimmune conditions.  There was no way to know what may have 'kicked off' the Reiters, as I had taken several bucket-loads of antibiotics before seeing him, and anything that may have set it off was cured long before.  I've been referred to a rheumatologist and am doing significantly better now.
     So, I am humbled, I should have listened.  I would have saved thousands of dollars, and an incredible amount of stress.  It's also likely that I went through a needless surgery because I refused to believe the opinion of this forum, as well as the opinion of several doctors.
     Everyone, please listen, the moderators here know what they are talking about.  They give sound advice, and they genuinely care.  Please don't do what I did.  I'd also like to offer a genuine Thank You, to everyone here that attempted to 'steer me straight' and tried so earnestly to help me.  It would have done me well to listen.



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