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Hi, I am very curious about my hiv anti test, I am woman 25 years old
I took a test 6 months ago (anti-body) and my doctor said I got positive hiv however, its a false positive
The value at that time is 1.1. I took it again few days ago the value is incresed to 2.5. Doctor told me I got HIV. So, I went to another hospital and the resulted is also positive.

The point is I never have sex before in my life and I am positively never been invoice wt any risk of getting HIV. I took a test 2 years earlier with negative and and it just fine. Now, I'm very stress and don't know what to do.
Moreover, I am taking hyper thyloid medicine everyday and I got a flu during my second test


Live, any positive hiv antibody test result must be confirmed with a Western Blot test. It doesn't matter what the values are on the antibody test, the WB test is the one that decides whether or not you've had a true or false positive result.

It sounds to me like you've had a false positive. You need to investigate whether or not you've ever been followed up with WB testing.

False positives can and do happen. Pregnancy can cause them and so can some autoimmune diseases. Sometimes they just happen.

You need to get to the bottom of this. Have any of the doctors you've seen run other tests like CD4s, or viral load? Right now it's the WB that is the most important.

Until you have gotten to the bottom of what's going on, I'd like to ask you to only post in this thread. You may only post in forums meant for hiv positive people if you've had a confirmed positive result and it doesn't sound as though you have yet.

Good luck and keep us posted.


Just curious, since you've never had sex or particpated in any activity that's a risk for infection; why the need for continual HIV testing?


First and second time I took a test because my company required a physical examination but third one I took because doctor asked me to do so after 6 months

Dear Ann
Thanks u for ur reply.
I took viral load and the result will b out in few days


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