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I Finally Got Some Trazodone

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Jeff G:
I was talking to a friend the other day and his sister in law takes trazodone twice a day . I suppose she has developed a tolerance for it because I would be a zombie if I took it during the day .

Its a long story that I wont go into that keeps my on Atripla but if not for trazodone I was only sleeping well about 2 or 3 times a week and the lack of sleep played havoc with my life , I always had a fear of planning anything because I never knew if I was going to feel rested enough to enjoy it .     

Trazodone is a great thing it has been a lifesaver for me! I am probably going to be starting a new PI regimen and ditching my NNRTI regimen which I suspect has fucked my sleep up to begin with. I noticed they have a  slight chemical smell to them in the bottle but hell I don't care because they sure do the job!  ;)

What I am currently wrestling with is whether to in fact ditch my NNRTI Atripla which has worked well for me in every way other than sleep issues, to try an unknown PI regimen, in hopes that I might not need the Trazodone eventually, or just stick with the Atripla and use the Trazodone for sleep. That's what I have to decide before my next appointment. I'm leaning to ditching Atripla and trying a PI. Trazodone is amazing!

zzzzzzzzzz makes me sleepy just thinking about it  8)

Ditch the Sustiva. It's not like the PI combo you're considering is untried and untested. It has a VERY good track record and few side-effects.

I'd been taking klonipin for anxiety and sleep issues but thanks to this thread got my psych doctor to give me a trazedone scrip! I liked the quality of sleep i got with the klonipin but was apprehensive about taking it nightly since it's habit forming and all that. hopefully i like the trazedone :)

Hey texan, glad you got some traz. It has really helped me! In fact it has been a lifesaver helping me good restful sleep again. And you're right, unlike klono and some benzos or ambien it isn't habit forming. It has to be one of the best meds ever invented! I have been using it as needed and it has restored my peace of mind at nighttime! :)


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