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It's My Birthday Today!

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For real this time!

I am 45 years young. 8)

Also on this day in history, The Eskimo Pie was patented and The California Gold Rush started.

Also, If you see Neil Diamond today wish him a Happy Birthday too!


Ps- I know it takes alot of balls to start your own birthday thread, but you people are slacking lately.

Happy Bday, hope your day is great go have fun....Mine was last friday and I had guiness wings and karoke.

Happy Birthday Will

Hugs Bobby

Miss Philicia:
I think Guilhermina is going through some sort of existential mid-life crisis with this particular birthday because she's been mentioning it to me privately for at least two weeks. Even my first text message as I was making coffee this morning was pestering me for presents and kisses.

Anyway, Happy Birthday and go get laid or something. We give you permission to pull out that bag of coke that's been hiding for five years in your dresser drawer.

Oh, and if you go out for margaritas tonight please go somewhere acceptable and not to the Egyptians.

ps: here's your present

Happy the first day you arrived and looked around at the people in the room and said, "And, where is my Cafe Latte?  Blanket please!  And Mom, you were fabulous through out! Thanks! Now let's celebrate!"

 ;D ;D

Happy Birthday!

 :D  :D


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