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amitriptyline anyone?

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--- Quote from: Ann on January 24, 2013, 07:22:23 PM ---It's good to know that some effort has been made to get to the bottom of what's going on. No need to apologise for the long post.

Have you tried any migraine meds? While "classic" migraines are generally on one side of the head, they're not always.

I go through periods of having migraines (sometimes lasting years, then they disappear on their own for years) and while they're often only on the right side of my head, sometimes they are more across the back of my head and sometimes all-over. I've had migraines so bad that banging my head on a door-frame actually felt good.

I can dig out the name of the migraine med that worked wonders for me, if you're interested in running it past your doc. I haven't needed it in the past few years (touch wood), but I think I have a box of it squirreled away somewhere.

Chronic headaches are horrible, so you have my sympathy. :'(

--- End quote ---
thanks Ann,
i am having another crappy head night again.
makes it difficult to concentrate.

i tried one migraine med sample (maxalt) but it didn't help.
my neuro doc doesn't think they are migraines but i have my strong doubts.
after what iv'e been through, with no results for such a long time in daily pain...

seems like my doctors have given up. :(

i would love to hear what helped you.

it really is wearing me down.

i applied for disabiliy in May 2012 because my life revolves on having enough energy to live the life i fear will never come back        to me.


--- Quote from: mitch777 on January 24, 2013, 08:13:51 PM ---
i would love to hear what helped you.

--- End quote ---

Sumatriptan. It was like a wonder drug for me - no side-effects either. I do have to note though that it worked best if I took it as soon as I felt a headache coming on. If for whatever reason I didn't get to the meds until an hour or so into the headache, the effect wasn't as dramatic, but it still helped. I suffered for years before finding this med.

There's an interesting page on a website called RX List that details different migraine meds and how they work.

Amitriptyline is actually listed as a tricyclic antidepressant that sometimes works for migraine, so fingers crossed it works for you.

thank you Ann!
i will keep giving Amitrityline a try for a bit longer.
if it doesn't work, i will mention Sumatriptan to my docs.
(forgot to mention that i also tried butterbur. didn't work)
i will also sometimes use excedrin migraine. it sometimes helps if i take it early enough but not always and i'm fearful of over using it.
i did tons of research on line over the past and it can get discouraging to keep reading how difficult it can be to get rid of these darn headaches.

oh well, another ride on the merry-go-round.

ps-i am planning on getting off of Atripla due to memory issues and perhaps the new regimen might help?? who knows.

Sorry you're dealing with this Mitchypoo.  I don't have any specific suggestions but rather wanted to send my well wishes your way.


Mitch, I'm trying to remember if you're on pain meds (like opiates) for other problems. Sometimes pain meds can actually cause headaches, particularly if the pain meds are taken regularly. There's a specific phrase used for this phenomenon, but for the life of me I can't think of it.

If you're not taking regular pain meds, ignore me. ;)


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