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amitriptyline anyone?

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--- Quote from: Ann on February 03, 2013, 04:59:49 AM ---Sorry to hear the amitriptyline didn't work. Sounds like it's time to ask your doctor about sumatriptin.

Funny enough I got a migraine the other day, the first in a couple years. I blamed you for bringing up the subject of headaches. ;D Just kidding. It was an odd coincidence all the same.

I took a sumatriptan (even though the ones I have are out-of-date) - I caught it early and it worked within a half-hour. So far, so good; I haven't had a recurrence. (touch a woody)

Actually, I have you to thank for having my box of sumatriptan handy.

If I'd had to search for it when I really needed it for as long as I searched the other day, I would have been shit-out-of-luck. They just don't seem to work as well if the headache has time to really get established. The frustration of it not being where I thought it would be would have done me in.

I hope you find relief soon. Again, you have my sympathy/empathy. I'd gladly trade headache pain for a whole lotta other pains I can think of. Headaches suck and not in a nice way. :-\

--- End quote ---
you're welcome, i think? ??? :)
hope your "wood knocking" works to keep the headaches from returning. ;D

Curious as to what helps your partner and if it IS Amitriptyline, what dosage and what side effects if any he has dealt with.

Going to be changing my HIV med soon (maybe next week) and I think I am going to avoid adding any new meds to the mix for a few weeks so that I know what new side effects come from that instead of playing a guessing game with 2 new meds introduced at the same time.


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