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amitriptyline anyone?

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--- Quote from: Ann on January 25, 2013, 08:55:53 AM ---Mitch, I'm trying to remember if you're on pain meds (like opiates) for other problems. Sometimes pain meds can actually cause headaches, particularly if the pain meds are taken regularly. There's a specific phrase used for this phenomenon, but for the life of me I can't think of it.

If you're not taking regular pain meds, ignore me. ;)

--- End quote ---
no pain meds but i think the term they use is "rebound headaches".
(geez, is my memory working this morning?)

thanks for the kind words Wolfie!


--- Quote from: mitch777 on January 25, 2013, 08:58:04 AM ---
no pain meds but i think the term they use is "rebound headaches".
(geez, is my memory working this morning?)

--- End quote ---

You're right! My memory has been wonky ever since I did the interferon/ribavirin hcv treatment. Some days are better than others - today is obviously one of "those days".

At least rebound headaches are something you can rule out. Hope you have a headache free day (and night) today.

experiment with amitriptyline over!
No headache relief, more of a zombie than ever before, nasty sexual side effects, and the topper was the past 36 hours have had a horrible metalic taste in my mouth that could not be disguised by drinking straight tobasco sauce!!!
(just my experience) :P :P :P :-[ >:( :-[

I know my partner took or takes that drug.  I would have to ask him what current meds he is taking.  He has bad migraines.  They have gotten better.  He still gets them a few times a week, but I've noticed they aren't like they were.  Before, he would have to go to bed and close the blinds. 

We've wondered what triggers his.  We think stress.  He does seem to get them after getting home from work.  We've wondered whether he's all revved up at work, and then the release at the end of the day causes them.  We've wondered whether the fluorescent lights at work play a role.  Diet, etc. 

But, they have gotten better.  He does now take pain meds occasionally, so that may be helping.  I will ask him what meds he's on now, as I can't remember.  Something must be working better as I said, because they aren't nearly as bad.   

Sorry to hear the amitriptyline didn't work. Sounds like it's time to ask your doctor about sumatriptin.

Funny enough I got a migraine the other day, the first in a couple years. I blamed you for bringing up the subject of headaches. ;D Just kidding. It was an odd coincidence all the same.

I took a sumatriptan (even though the ones I have are out-of-date) - I caught it early and it worked within a half-hour. So far, so good; I haven't had a recurrence. (touch a woody)

Actually, I have you to thank for having my box of sumatriptan handy.

If I'd had to search for it when I really needed it for as long as I searched the other day, I would have been shit-out-of-luck. They just don't seem to work as well if the headache has time to really get established. The frustration of it not being where I thought it would be would have done me in.

I hope you find relief soon. Again, you have my sympathy/empathy. I'd gladly trade headache pain for a whole lotta other pains I can think of. Headaches suck and not in a nice way. :-\


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