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That's outraged me. I had concerns over someone I know working at my doctors and word getting out without my say so. I had a very long chat with the doctor who put my mind at rest. She said she'd use a similar situation as part of the staff's training to highlight the need for discretion and also that she had never known of anyone to break confidentiality in that way. She did say it would be a sackable offence. I can't believe he still has his job.

Hi Bob,

I agree with everyone else -- this sure is a good read for many reasons.

Can you straighten me out on one item? "When I found out and told the managers they just told him not to do it again! Now I don't feel I can work with him."

Is this person on your care team? In what way would you "work" with him? And another question...are you in the US? I suspect not by the way you spell 'defence' but I could be wrong. Perhaps it's me, but I'm not understanding how you found out he did this. 

In the US, this sort of behavior can mess you up professionally.

Back to the good stuff...seeing a mental mechanic is definitely helpful and then the rest is up to you.


Excellent news, Bob. Started Atripla about the same time as you.  Hoping for excellent news on my next round of tests. These first few months have been "quite the ride," but we've survived and managed them!

Hi every one and sorry for not replying sooner. Things have gotten busy for me as I will explain in a minute.
Em - I am a nurse and the person who looked at my records is also a nurse. However he has abosolutly nothing to do with my HIV care and had no autorisation to check my notes. Yes it is a serious breech of confidentiality and had told him on previouse occasions that it would be my worst nightmare if it was to happen. Get this, he is now angry that I could have got him sacked!
I am not in the US, and yes leaking my status would have very damaging consequences as its only a small area of nursing.
I am not at work due to the stress of this.
What I have been doing is applying for jobs over in Canada !
So is there anybody from Alberta here?


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