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7 months after medication

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in the beginning of my medication, my ID also gave me a lot of vaccine and shot. I'm feeling great and my ID called me this afternoon to have another lab test in Feb 4th, and in March I will have annual check with her.
Thank you for the reply jessy!


  Hi   Myoho  ,

                       You are on a good regime !   

       I hope you feel good , I switched to  Prezista    from Reyetaz several
  months ago .

    I feel great !  Having been on Meds from 2005 with full~Blown AIDS  I am
  feeling like my old self now .

   I have found that I can live a very normal life now  :) 

                  Be well Jessy  , Glad to meet you

                                     Carl   AKA   Weasel 
 P.s.   Have had HIV for  over 30 years .  Still Love'n life  ;)

Thank you Weasel for your comfort words. Well, it's only 7 months for me, so many worries and questions over my head about this. I read more to find out about HIV and AIDS.
I'm looking forward to celebrate my 50th Birthday in 17 years.

:) :)

Any time Myoho.If you feel you need to know something just ask and I think educating yourself about it helps in dealing with it better...All will be well.

Good to meet you to Carl.


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