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7 months after medication

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Time flies so fast and I would like to say, I feel good and better with medication I'm taking.
I take Truvada, Prezista and Norvir.
Last October 2012, My lab result was CD4 : 496  VL : 90 and 17.7%.
Last week, I got my new lab result. CD4 : 381    VL: 30  and 12 %
Do I have to concern about this? especially the % is below 15. My doctor said as long as my VL is going down, I don't need to worry. Anyone can share the information?

Thank you!


Its important that you take your meds as prescribed at the same time everyday....if you have to be late only allow an hour either way.That is either an hr early or an hour late only if you must.Once you are UD your percentage will go up,it takes time but it will happen and you must'nt worry about them as long as you are taking your med correctly.


I forgot to mention my % when up quicker than the thats what you need to keep an eye on.

I'm taking my meds everyday at the same time without missing one dosage ever. I just wonder if the % below 15 is AIDS defining?

I dont think you shld worry about % for now as its still early days yet!! Y he fact that yoi are not yet UD could have something to do with why its still low that is below 15%,Aids defining as I understand it is wld have a whole lot of aids definig symptoms if that were the case like PCP,herpeszoaster and so on but you dont so you shldnt worry about the numbers.
I would only be concerned if you were not feeling well.


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