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ADAP Watch List Update January 2013

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--- Quote from: oksikoko on February 23, 2013, 06:06:29 PM ---So, leatherman, I'm out of crisis, and this wasn't an empty promise. The onus is on me to find ways to help, but you're keyed in pretty well. Do you (or anyone) know a good place to start? I'm in NYC, have Metrocard, will travel.

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I don't know anywhere right off the bat in NYC but I will check on this for you. I'm sure a local ASO, RyanWhite agency or some place like that might be able to use you or find a place for you to volunteer for what you'd like to do.

However, I read that things are getting more stable for you right now; but before you go rushing off to volunteer, please make sure that things are actually better for yourself. Trust me. There will be volunteer work and advocacy needs as long as there are sick people, people getting newly infected and no cure for AIDS. There'll be plenty of time for you to help out; but you really need to make sure things are better and more stable for yourself.

As you've recently seen advocating for your own self is often the hardest and more necessary thing to do. Make sure that's always your first priority for 2 reasons. 1) You're worth it and 2) just like the airlines say to put on your air mask first, it's easier to help other when you are ok and safe first.

now. hopefully we can get some new yorkers in here to help find you a place to volunteer, and in the meantime I will ask some of my friends to see what I can find out for you. ;)


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