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My boyfriend tested positive

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Well Im sorry it had to be positive.
Sounds like he has got the support he needs in you, and medical care. Best thoughts.

Hi Besheaf,

I lost my father about a year ago to this virus, his diagnosis and death were in a month of each other. Although we have different relationships I think some of our responses are the same, sadness, fear, hope, dread...and becoming accustomed to a new way of living. It's overwhelming at first, but eventually we become informed, find friends, seek out groups and it makes things easier.

Sorry to hear about your boyfriend, and as I'm sure you will find out there are many members who have been in similiar situations and the negative person remains negative. Best of luck to you and him :)


Hi Imiss,
I am sorry for your loss, yours was definitely a more traumatic experience because it happened so fast.
It's true that the pain and fear are there mostly because of ignorance but, as mecch pointed out, knowledge helps a lot in that respect.
It is amazing to me how forums like these make you feel so much better. You are not alone and there will always be someone willing to give you some support.


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