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Once you go black... Obama's 2nd Term

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While I can agree to disagree, some of you cannot.   "Once you go black" is not (in my opinion) racist. But if some of you think it is, that's fine.

"Once you go black" is pushing the buttons of conservatives, that's what I meant.  Because they are the ones so outraged by civil rights and the ascendancy of a new American culture.

Pat Buchanan is so mired in his reactionary construction of American culture and minority politics, that he dismissed Stonewall as a "barrroom brawl".  Nothing a President should mention.

This is a cross between a State of the Union speech with an agenda and a partisan rally given to the DNC. And so, I think, the president lost a real opportunity. Look, they usually talk about what? When I was a kid, Lexington and Concord and Bunker Hill. What was he talking about? Stonewall. Thatís a barroom brawl in Greenwich Village in 1969, when cops were hassling gays in their bar, and the gays fought back and threw them all out. Does that belong in a presidential inaugural?

My wish: Push it further.  The US is supposed to be secular, and should be based on equal rights. So go all the way. 


--- Quote from: mecch on January 24, 2013, 10:15:04 AM ---While I can agree to disagree, some of you cannot.   "Once you go black" is not (in my opinion) racist. But if some of you think it is, that's fine.


--- End quote ---

Oh really? Why don't you google "once you go black" and see where that leads you. I might even accept your convoluted reasons, if like I said before you hadn't doubled down on the racism with YOUR choice of the pic in post 18. No, isn't wasn't stereotyping or racist. ::) Oh and cut the condescending "I can agree to disagree, some of you cannot" crap. We all no better.

Joe K:

--- Quote from: spacebarsux on January 24, 2013, 12:54:08 AM ---While many people may not understand "the postmodern referentiality of memes" and race may be a "construct", racism (thinly veiled or overt) is not. It is something most people are sensitive to. You can't decide what others should and should not find offensive, Meech. Even if you didn't intend it as such, the thread title appears to be, or comes across as distasteful.

It isn't hard to grasp why it is so.

--- End quote ---

It may not be hard to grasp for many of us, but it obviously is for the OP.  Maybe, if his replies were not so  pompous and condescending and he possessed a little empathy for the views of others, the conversation would be different.

Mecch, don't bother with another lecture on how you are right and the rest of us are wrong, as I've changed my mind.  In this thread, you ARE being racist and we both know it.

I will now take my leave, before I tell you what I really think of your attitude regarding this subject.


Rev. Moon:
Dearest mecch,

1. This thread is truly sad. 

2. I don't believe that you are racist, but this discussion has degenerated into an exercise (on your part) to deny racism by using words, images, memes, and concepts that you don't seem to truly understand.  That doesn't make you a racist individual, but it makes you a defender of this vile and disgusting behavior.

3. Using the "appropriation" of racist language and derogatory images as an excuse to continue with your original topic shows the weakness of your argument. 

4. You want to impress other members by throwing around notions of "postmodernism," but it is evident that you don't even know the true meaning of that word.

5. If you're going to write some long, pretentious, patronizing, and contradictory response as an attempt to defend your own intellectual value you should display a better command of punctuation, grammar, and sentence structure (since when does a paragraph begin with a parenthetical sentence?).  After all you have always regarded yourself as the grammar police of the AIDSmeds forums.

6. Again, this is a really sad and disrespectful thread.  Admit that you're wrong and let it go.  In your responses to Em, Hal, Joe, Spacebar, and Mike all that you have done is show your ass.

Best regards,

The person who was probably most offended by this thread, but who had wanted to stay out of it as I am often the one who gets most bent out of shape when it comes to discussions of race.  After this post I will remain out of it.

I come here and see familiar names, which makes me wonder why I don't come back often. Then I see threads like this and I remember why.

An attempt to generate views, I get it.  Still, where was the voice of reason....


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