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12/12/12 - A date that I will never forget

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Interesting story. But how awesome is the crush thingie! Congrats. Isn't a crush fun!



You might be too young for this, but as Church Lady used to say (re: your crush being in the same city as you) " How ConVEEENyent!" and for all the best reasons -- no snarkdom whatsoever.

So, you know you're going to need COBRA post-job and at least you can start hustling now. And if you join an employer with group insurance, pre-existing condition will not preclude your being covered.


   Hi ,
       What a heart warming story  :)

      To be young  D*** and full of  C**

    I am sending my GAY energy your way , You got a keeper  ;)

     I loved reading this story  of love  !   

   I'm sure the  Church Lady wishes you and your Hunk  A wonderful  life .


     P.S.  I found my  NEGATIVE  partner  over 30 years ago  :-*


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