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Diet Soda Linked to Depression...

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This news was reported a few weeks ago. I find it intriguing.

I drink diet soda (along with bottled water, fruit drinks, chocolate and tea) and don't see a pronounced depresson although I have a few down moments as most people do.


Miss Philicia:
I bet your diet soda-induced depression caused you to neglect your flu shot this year. THINK ABOUT IT.

I saw this in the news.  They all said diet, but this article says regular and diet.  I drink too much Diet Dr. Pepper.  I've had depression that pre-dates the switch to diet.  But, again, it says both.  The only thing I've noticed is that I've gained weight on diet.  I was very fit when drinking regular.  I rarely craved other sweets.  Switched to diet and I do crave sweets. 

But, I switched at the time I was turning 30, when the metabolism is slowing down and you can't consume 3,000 calories a day and still look gorgeous.  And, depression has caused me to not be as active.

I think it is probably that people who are depressed are more likely to drink soda, as the article points out.  I know my very type A personality friends rarely drink soda.  They drink a lot of alcohol, though.

Miss Philicia:
My new theme is to drink hot water with juice from half a lemon. Yolanda Foster is very obsessed with this.

1)  Do depresssed people want sweet drinks more than non-depressed people? Does depression encourage people to drink sweet?

2)  Or, do the sweet drinks perhaps contribute to depression.

My nutrition professor told us that artificial sweeteners were not good. Maybe not cancerous, but causing havoc in the body's regulation, not to mention cravings. 
This is related to the article posted, on aspartame and depression.
So, it just seems unwise all around to consume 0-calorie sweeteners.  I would say avoid the artificial sweeteners unless they are used because of diabetes, and such. 

(And that was the 80's. She said the worst food in the US was fake fat - hydrogenated - and fake sugar.)

Mixing sugar and fake sugar into the same research seems to be odd design.

4 cans of soda or juice a day??  Maybe fast growing teenagers could manage that. Most people cannot.  Though there are outliers - people who stay thin and healthy despite high sugar intake.  I know a few. Fine, lucky them.

So many empty calories on a daily routine basis, from "real" sugar. 
Why not enjoy a cake or pastry or chocolate if you want sugar.  At least chocolate has benefits. Or a sugary coffee.  Ice cream, cookies, cakes, etc, at least is food and has nutrients.


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