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POZ's new editor on Good Morning America

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Peter Staley:

Regan Hofmann was interviewed by Diane Sawyer this morning.  See it at:

Feel free to comment on it in this thread.  I'll make sure Regan sees your comments.

You know watching it made me feel very humble. Here is a gorgeous women, speaking out about a disease which most of the world probably think couldnt happen to her. And she is saying look, two episodes of unprotected sex is all it takes.

Not only is she informative, but very friendly and warm with it. NOt a lot of people who speak about the disease can do this but she manages it with ease

I wish there were more women around like her to stand up and be counted - I mean there are almost as many women as men infected- Its time, in the 21st century, that we realised this is about a worldwide, non discriminatory disease

If she reads this, Regan I wish you all the best in your life and trying to conceive- god bless you x

i spoke with Regan via email this morning and she said that after the interview Diane Sawyer was crying and telling her that she wants to get more involved...............WOO HOO!   ;D

WOO HOO  I love video messages :)  I've said it before but she is a beautiful woman!  Peter thanks for posting the link

For some reason, I couldn't see it on my home computer, I had to wait until I got to work this morning.    It was a great interview!

Regan, thank you for putting yourself out there, and for bravely putting forth the 'new face' of AIDS.

Also, happy birthday to you this month!   I hope you have many many more.



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