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POZ Cruise 2013

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Thanks for the "show around" offer phildinftlaudy.  I have been considering spending a bit of time in Miami before or after the cruise.  I had even considered maybe trying to work in Key West.

Mark posted a nice blog about the HIV Cruise Retreat over in the blog section.

wish i were there.
sounds like a great experience!

David I miss you, the cruise sounds like a blast of fun.  Wish I could go, but already have my trips planned this year.  Disney 10 days with the kids next month, and Sturgis for Bike Week in August.  Besides Darren has severe motion sickness, so he and I won't ever be able to cruise together. You will love Key West, great time to go.  Next year we should make a plan and do Fantasy Fest the last weekend in October, you would love my group of friends.  Anyways, just wanted to send you some love, have fun.

I think the cruise will be a blase.  Enjoy Disney!  A Fantasy Fest sounds fun.  I've been to Key West, but only as a port of call. I'd love to go back and spend some time there.


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