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Side effects of jittery / fatigue / sleepless from all treatments so far.

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This seems to be a common experience with Atripla! I've been on it over two years, with overall great results, weight gain, huge sex drive, etc. But lately I am having sleep problems and some wild mood swings in the morning (which seem to wear off by the evening) I suspect it is related to Atripla because it is worse in the morning and I take it before bedtime, so you do the math. I guess maybe it could be delayed reactions to the drug, since I never had these issues initially. I still like it overall, like how easy it is to tolerate and take, but the feelings of sadness and moodiness scare me a bit. In addition to the sleep problems. I tried Complera and it made my insomnia worse! So that didn't work. So I am also thinking of trying another medication entirely, perhaps the Quad, or Truvada/Isentress, or maybe something else. I just want to keep the good effects of the Atripla but I want to ditch the recent bad ones.

I also suspect (although I can't prove) that the sustiva in it has caused my occasional depressed thoughts and anxiety, (NEVER had this in the past). So I am going to resist seeing a psychiatrist until I change regimens again just to see if my issues are in fact med-related or underlying. In any case, I definately know what your going through!


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