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Side effects of jittery / fatigue / sleepless from all treatments so far.

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I need some help to try to find a comfortable regime.  I have been down, jittery, or just plain fatigued throughout the day for 2 years now from three different regimes.  I don't even know what to try at this point that won't have these same side effects.

The first was "Atripla".  While for some reason, the first 6 months were the best, after that I started feeling down all the time and could not sleep. 

The second now was recommended by my doctor "Intelence and Truvada".  I really wanted to try Isentress and Truvada, but my doctor said Intelence was newer and wouldn't cause anxiety.  Well, sure enough, right off the bat I was going through the same side effects except worse because now it was two Intelence per day. 

The 3rd time was "Complera" as I desperately just wanted something similar to Atripla again with the one-a-day regime, and I heard this was more tolerable. Well, I am right back where I started.  The jitters, sleeplessness, feeling down are still there most days.

I feel like every regime is the same so far.  What else do I try?

DO u wanna try Viramune+ Truvada. It is not a new regime anymore but I have no side effect from it at all. NOw once a day thanks to a new Viramune XR. You might wanna talk with your doctor about the switch because your liver need to be closely monitor in the first month for sigh of hypersensitivity. If you pass the first month then you are good to go for a long run. 

Good luck

I think that probably Atripla made you go into depression. The syntoms you mention are probably due to depression and not due to a new drug regimen.

Atripla is famous for causing many brain problems, from depression to insomnia, bad moods etc.( And also the problems you are having)

I think you need to go to see a psychiatrist and start an antidepressant treatment, and stay away from Atripla and one of its components Efavirenz ( brand names Sustiva and Stocrin ) Also you need to stay on your present ART treatmet.

After a while with AD , and the Atripla wears out of you body, you will probably find that you can wean out of AD, and also use probably any cocktail regimen with the exception of Atripla an its components.

Good Luck

Before reaching for a shrink....

Atripla and Complera both contain NNRTIs, and the side effects are similar. Some people don't get on with NNRTIs. Intelence is not an NNRTI but is noted for these side too, even if uncommon.

Perhaps try another class of drug? Prezista (a PI) + Truvada is 3 pills but still once a day (other combinations are available but this is the best PI going at present). Or as already said Viramune (an NNRTI but rarely affects your mood etc this one).

- matt


--- Quote from: roy100 on January 20, 2013, 09:31:04 PM ---I think that probably Atripla made you go into depression.

--- End quote ---

It's not a lasting feeling, I did not mention that it goes away as the medications wear off throughout the day.  Then of course the whole agitation starts up all over again in the next dose. 

I will consider these other treatment options and begin seeing another doctor soon.  Thanks guys! :)


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