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Wow, Tripping on Atripla! :)

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I've been on this amazing medication for two years and no major complaints overall, but lately, WOW it has been trippy! Like, I have always had dreams at night, but you know how most dreams are sort of distant, like vague? Well these dreams I've been having lately are SO vivid it's amazing, and I remember them for hours afterward! And before you ask, no, I haven't done any illicit substances beforehand either! Haha. I would call these "play by play" dreams! It's like I close my eyes and immediately start dreaming, and it's like a script that plays out in my head, and there is vivid dialogue. Last night I dreamed I was at the dentist office and the hot dentist was sedating me for a root canal and he started morphing into a male stripper, it was like out of body while out of body! And I dreamed I was looking for my car, forgetting where I parked it, only to look into a mirror to learn that I had turned into a car myself! But the kicker was near the end of my dream when I dreamed I was seducing a WWE wrestler and it was so real that when I woke up I actually felt my body to see if there was any sex marks LOL! I've never had dreams this wild and vivid, I don't know why I didn't have them when I first started Atripla but I am not complaining! They are actually kind of fun, other than that one scary one when I was at a 17th century guillotine! Anyone else have crazy wild vivid dreams on atripla? I notice when I dream on it, I also have the sensation of warm, almost hot hands and feet, when goes away the next day..

I did.
Bonus acid trips - you're lucky - enjoy them as long as they last.

Enjoy :-) but also consider switching, for this bonus is a side effect and affecting your sleep quality, even if it don't feel like that. The warm feeling is because (probably) efavirenz stimulates a part of your immune system called cytokines, which is just as if having flu or sommat. No-one knows what this phenomenon means long-term.

- matt

I get these trippy dreams quite often on Atripla, as well.  The other side effects (drowsiness, strange buzzing feeling, dizziness, etc.) have stopped completely, but I still get the craaaaaziest dreams even after a year and a half.  I kinda like them :) Enjoy them!!

Jeff G:
I have been on Atripla since the dawn of time and I still get crazy dreams . I was briefly switched to another combo and when I switched back I got really nauseous for a time also . I thought it odd because I never had that side effect from it before . After a week or so the nausea subsided .


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