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Starting treatment : what to choose from?

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Welcome to the forums, Gus.

I can understand once-a-day dosing being an important consideration, but I seriously can't understand the allure of it being all in one pill. You still have to stop and take it, whether it's one pill or two or three or four.

My combo consists of four pills, once a day, and I take them all at once. It's no more difficult to swallow them all at once than it is a single pill. I pop them all in my mouth, take a big swig of water, throw my head back and swallow. Simple.

There are several once-a-day combos available, so I suggest you do some additional research. You can read about the various meds in our Treatments section and you can also read about starting meds in our Lessons section.

Yes, i suppose my phrasing was off. I did mean, ONE pill once a day. Surely, you must admit that there are some benefits to only taking one pill? Discretion, accessibility, portability, etc. I'm not at all opposed to taking multiple pills a day but in addition to my multivitamins, vitamin d supplement, vitamin b12 supplements, and my anti anxiety meds, i'd rather not add 3 more pills into the mix if i can help it.


--- Quote from: texaninnyc87 on January 21, 2013, 10:47:34 AM ---
Surely, you must admit that there are some benefits to only taking one pill? Discretion, accessibility, portability, etc.

--- End quote ---

Nope, not really. Discretion? I've popped both my hiv meds and other meds in public many times and not once has anyone ever commented or even noticed. Nobody really gives a shit what other people are chucking down their throat.

Accessibility? Don't get this one - I can access one pill as easily as I can twenty-five.

Portability? Nope, even the smaller pill cases can normally hold more than one pill.

While it's a matter of personal preference, I just don't get why some people will forego combos that consist of more than one pill, in favour of one pill combos that may be heavier on side-effects (or dietary restrictions). It makes no sense to me, but maybe I don't have the pill phobia that many seem to exhibit.

Since this is similar to the thread I made about treatment options, I was wondering, are there any of the Sustiva-like side effects to Stribild so far? I.e. fatigue, downed-feeling, sleeplessness.

i haven't noticed any of the "sustiva effects" perse. Definitely nothing changed with my sleeping or fatigue. I do feel a little buzzed a few hours after i take it, but that has been fading over the last few days (i'm only on day 11) and it was super mild to begin with. so far im adjusting to stribild pretty well i'd say. light nausea over the first few days, no other GI issues. Some vivid dreams, but i like them!


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