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Starting treatment : what to choose from?

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--- Quote from: Ann on February 07, 2013, 08:01:51 PM ---You know, you're absolutely right. I know I've certainly gotten into the habit of trying to cover all bases (particularly with newer members) while posting over in the Am I forum and I've found it usually pays off over here too. Where hiv is concerned, you can never really have TMI.

--- End quote ---
one pill, 4 pills, all at the same time.
what is the big deal?
i for one always appreciated you telling it is this way.

I'm with Ann on this..who cares if its one or two or possibly three.  I take prezista/norvir/isentress.  3 pills at once and i usually take my other isentress before bed...very easy really.

Atripla was ok, but it played havoc on my head and started eating up my nerves in my leg and feet.  to this day my doctor thinks it was something in the Atripla that caused it.

not hardly any side-effects from what I'm currently on.

Whethere one pill or a few pills is a big deal to some or not is besides the point. One pill a day does not necessarily mean convieneince or side effect free. For example, I am on Truvada and Isentress. I love this combo because there are no side effects for me and no dietary restrictions. In comparison, Atripla, the sustive scares me, the Complera has food requirement, and Stribild has a fourth med that can be avoided altogether. So really it depends on the individual and Ann is correct that one pill does not necessarily mean convenience.


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