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Starting treatment : what to choose from?

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Thank you all for your inputs! Much appreciated.

Yes I am not worried about taking many pills at the same time so I should rephrase the one pill a day to pills once a day.

But I thought the complera/stribild were now as potent as the multi pills options, so why not go for a pill a day if side effects are not worse?

Or are multi pills treatment better still?

There's a ton of options out there! The trick is finding one that works without any major side effects. For me Atripla has worked really well mostly, but I suspect I am entering a period of threshold now with the medication where it is causing me to have mood changes and sleep issues so I am seriously thinking of switching to something else entirely. I tried Complera but it gave me terrible insomnia, worse than Atripla. I want to try the Quad, or possibly Truvada/Isentress, or maybe something else.

Miss Philicia:
Treatment is so standardized now -- take the current preferred list of regimens approved by NIH, flip a coin, then pick that one. By that I mean they all will suppress your viral load. We can sit and quibble about side effects, but the bottom line is that they all have possible side effects, but most people don't get them or they'd never made it out of clinical trials.

So big woop -- you end up being a poor sap that gets side effects. You just move onto the next regimen. There are no guarantees, and if you expect there to be then maybe you should not have gotten HIV in the first place.

Hi Philicia, thanks a lot for your input.

Shame we didn't chat before as, knowing what you just told me and that there are no guarantees, I would not have gotten HIV!



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