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Starting treatment : what to choose from?

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Hi, am new to the forum and have been surfing it for a while to try to find an answer but haven't yet...
So I tought I ask it here.
Due to start med, so wondering what to choose.
Tempted by one pill a day, not tempted by Agrippa / efavirenz side effects.
So complera or stribild ...
Research nurse told me she is not that keen in stribild because of the kidney markers that got artificially super high, meaning she is not sure how to control kidneys is the most used marker is corrupted. She then suggests complera as being as potent, little side effects, one a day.

400 calories seems doable to me (easily done at dinner or lunch, who do you recommend and would breakfast be better?) also any idea of how these two are if you miss a dose / take it too late ? Am travelling quite a lot to Europe so time difference may be an issue.

Ay view or experience is very welcome. Am starting beginning of feb (also vl is 35k s comp,era and stribild would both be ok)



I just started on stribild. I really wanted it because of all the good things i've read. I'm getting kidney stuff checked frequently and so far havent had any reason to believe my kidneys arent holding up just fine. my VL was too high for the complera and i wasnt keen on the calorie counting. im also resistant to sustiva so stribild was my only once a day option left.

Eiffel; Welcome to the forums.

I am on Complera and so far so good.  I take my meds with lunch and generally don't have any problem exceeding the 400 calorie amount. The few times that I have been close (or under?) I think I have had minor gastro issues (gas, churning, etc.) but nothing significant by any means. In terms of travel and timing - I travel across the US a fair amount and asked my doc how to adjust.  His response was "just take it with the same meal regardless of the time".  He was much more concerned about skipping doses than when a dose was taken.

There are a few other points worth noting - the first is that the side effects for any of the new meds generally only applies to a small fraction (less than 10%) of people (although I don't know about the kidney issues for the Quad), and the other point is that people are more likely to post and discuss meds when they are dealing with problems - and there is a whole population of people with no problems but they are not posting.

I am sure you will do well with either option.

I wish you well,

Hi  I started Stribild November 4 2012 I had a viral load of 137,000 and cd count 500 I went back to the Doctors November 21 2012 I have cd count of 645 and VL of 300 I have had no side affects. I recently went back to the doctors I'm UD and cd count is at 27% Kidney and liver functions are normal I would definitely recommed the Pill just make sure your  doctor monitors you.


--- Quote from: texaninnyc87 on January 20, 2013, 02:51:57 PM ---im also resistant to sustiva so stribild was my only once a day option left.

--- End quote ---

Not true. There are other once a day options available that do not include Sustiva. Prezista, Norvir and Truvada is one off the top of my head and there are others. They involve more than one pill, but what's the big deal about only one pill? I don't get it.


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