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I told my BF last night

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Please see this. you can find valuable information about hiv here.

Edited by Ann to remove a link to forbidden denialist propaganda.

Best Regards


As someone who is not hiv positive, you are not permitted to post in forums meant for hiv positive people only.

If you read the Welcome Thread before posting like you're supposed to, you will have read the following posting guideline:

--- Quote ---
With the exception of the “Am I Infected?” and “Off Topic” Forums, the Forums are intended for people who have been diagnosed with HIV (or their loved ones/caregivers).  If you are questioning or unaware of your HIV status, please refrain from posting messages or questions in the Forums intended for HIV-positive people.

--- End quote ---

Please consider yourself warned!

Due to the nature of your post here, I am banning you. Posting denialist information is a bannable offence here - and this important rule was in the Terms of Membership you agreed to when you first became a member.



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