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I told my BF last night

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We did both did oraquick together and his was neg and mine poz. I had a blood test already but wanted to see what oraquick would say. Had a discussion with my doc yesterday and she said I'm so sorry but your positive. Took me a full 8 hours and him calling constantly to confirm that I was poz. Now this is where I get confused. Doc said I was exposed recently. The guy I was with before current tested in Nov and he was neg. The last sexual encounter with that guy was in  December 2011. Now how is that possible. Another person I managed to get a hold of neg and that's going two years back. My current BF is freaked of course and is going to do blood work as well Even though oraquick said neg. I have no idea what to make of this. He should have results by Wed. In the mean time is there someone that can help with this? I have been researching online but not finding exactly what I'm looking for.

Sorry but I am not sure I understand the scenario.
Did you have a western bloc test with your doctor, know you were positive already, and just do the quick test as a way to check your bf's status and reveal your own, confirmed, HIV+ diagnosis from your own doctor?

You are only positive when you have Western Blot confirmation.

If you are positive, and you want to wonder about how, the "recently" is rather vague.  What is that supposed to mean? Did the doctor say?  Within the last several weeks and you are in seroconversion?  Or within the last year? 

If you are positive, just hope for a continued negative result with your BF, and move forward with that. 

Some people can never figure out when or how they got HIV.  And if you trace back contacts, remember, people lie, or assume things that are no longer true (such as being HIV-). 

A western bloc was done as well and that confirmed me being poz. My doc confirmed results and said that it's been at least 3 months and upward to a year of me having. Sorry it was vague. Still trying to understand and accept my status.
Now I'm waiting for second set of blood work and will know in two weeks the result of that.

Sorry to hear about your diagnosis.
Anyway, welcome here.

Its a shock. Takes time to digest everything. 

Maybe you'll never figure out how you got it and/or from whom.  Eventually you'll see that it doesn't matter much for your happiness and health going forward. 

Yeah I was only able to get a hold of two past partners before my current. For both it's been over a year since last interaction and they both came back negative. I hear super highs and lows are common and definitely been having that since yesterday. And as for my current BF, he's been going through a range of emotions but having  initial neg has calmed him for now. He wants to retest in a couple of months to make sure. Right now he's supportive but I know that can change. Trying to focus on now but since first meeting we have been super happy and never have had any major issues. We have been dating for almost 6 months but we have known each other for longer.
I know it will take time and I just have to remind myself of that.


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