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A promising HIV preventative vaccine

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C'mon, you know it wasn't meant that way. No one needs me to defend their point for them, but i think it's being taken out of context. If this vaccine does work, then it's going to be a common feeling among newly infected people that we just missed the boat by a few years, and if research was just a little further down the road, then we would have been spared. I know I certainly will feel that way.  I'm sure the millions that have suffered and died would take no comfort in having more people join in their ranks.  If no one else had to go through the grief that I have for the past year, then that's more than enough for me. And, if this disease is no longer perceived as a threat to the human population because of a vaccine, then social stigmas will recede, too.  And, of course, we will owe it to the dedication of the activists of years past and present, to the loved ones lost, and to the dedicated scientists whose efforts were not in vain.

this is already being discussed in another thread:
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thanks NY. I've decided to take the high road in these forums and not reply to messages that I dont think better the overall mood or supportive tone that these forums should present. i appreciate you sticking up for me though!

good idea :)


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