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A promising HIV preventative vaccine

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very cool! wish theyd had this a few years ago...  ;D

Wow!!! I am amazed to see people are working on this research!!... Look how this research can affect us. Granted it may not help people who are already POZ. However it will have a tremendous effect on public health and in general to the human society. Nonetheless, it will help eliminate the stigma on HIV. I am super excited. Let it come and who knows HIV prevention may lead to HIV cure.. Salute to that! Bravo!!!

I wonder how long it's going to be before it goes into human trials. Also the vector delivery system is pretty astounding !!! It actually means that if this kind of gene therapy works, it's going to effect so many diseases.

Miss Philicia:

--- Quote from: texaninnyc87 on January 20, 2013, 02:08:56 PM ---very cool! wish theyd had this a few years ago...  ;D

--- End quote ---

... but fuck those people 30 years ago I guess, amirite


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