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Just found out I was poz yesterday

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I am also interested to find out who infected me but what I have learned so far is that the that I person might think that he is negative since he took his test while the virus would be blooming... I guess, u in our case we just need to focus on ourselves and our own health.
We cannot change anything but accept the fact that the we are poz and need to be make our lives as manageable as possible. I still cannot believe that I am the poz, but I can't let it rule my life.. I know that there will be issues as I move in on but I will be dealing with them as they come.

Hey Souledout I know after discussing with my doctor and she did tell me that Western blot confirms I'm poz but with those pre-existing circumstances theres a very slim chance. So not hanging on but weirder things have happened to me. I'm just anxiously awaiting second test results.
Homopoz, yes definitely hard to put on a face to get through work. I wear my emotions on my sleeve and this has been a challenge.  I started meditating at the beginning of January. Had some crazy things happen to me and this year was the beginning of reconnecting to my spirituality and even looking at a career that I can really enjoy. I like my current job but haven't loved it in a couple of years.
I have a support group that has been suggested to me bu terrified of going. That makes it more real than I'm ready to deal with.

I hear what you're saying about the support group. Anything that makes it real at this stage can be a bit too much. Like me, you'll find it a little easier every day I'm sure.

Yeah I just have to take it one day at at time. I promised myself after a bad relationship two years ago that I wasn't going to put my life on hold. I can't break this promise to myself and have to trust myself that I can do this. Still have no plans to tell my parents for now. Got back from doctor today. I'm glad that I have found a doctor that I like. Everyone there has been great.

Great attitude. It won't derail your life if you don't let it. The day after I found out I spent an hour looking in the mirror telling myself I wasn't going to let it break me. I couldn't go off the rails, I was in the middle if setting up my own business and was needing to make a good impression in another job. Id have never forgiven myself if I allowed it to mess up everything I'd worked so hard for.

It's all about keeping positive (apologies for the cliche).


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