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Also, I still haven't heard if people feel like their healthy old selves after they start their meds and their counts improve.  Am I going to feel like crud the rest of my life? 

I started on stribild a little over a week ago. No serious side effects. Felt a little nauseous the first few days but thats mostly gone. I take it around noon every day, not at the exact some minute. I wake up late, like 10-11 usually and take it with my "breakfast" around noon. Some days i'll wake up earlier and take it a few hours earlier. My doctor said a few hours wont change much at all. I've had the vivid dreams, even taking it when i first wake up, so that if thats your only reason for not taking it before bed i wouldn't bother. I have felt a little weird and kind of high for a few hours after taking them. I actually just posted about it. Its very subtle and I cant even tell if its real or im just making it up, but I can still function totally normally when i feel like this. I cant really attest to feeling "better" yet, since it hasn't been very long. i also have bad anxiety at night and take klonipin to help sleep. my anxiety is slowly getting better as I come to terms with my DX. seems like yours was in issue beforehand so its a little different. hope this helped!

Miss Philicia:

--- Quote from: WestSide on January 19, 2013, 11:22:33 PM ---My current ID doc frowns on using benzos

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Oh please. I've had generalized anxiety disorder for over a decade and klonopin works very well IMO. As long as you keep the dose under 2mg/day I don't think it's a big deal. Yes, it's addictive in terms of that word meaning you take it every day, but you also are going to be taking HIV meds every day and nobody says you're addicted to those.

love my klonipin. i only take .5s and dont take it daily. i havent had any problems feeling like im addicted to it or anything. been taking it for over a month now.

I have my therapy on the 28th along with my doctor appointment to start on meds.  I sure hope they give me something else to put me on for anxiety.  I've decided to make my ID doctor my primary care doctor too.  I hope that isn't a mistake but I am willing to give him a chance.  Timing seems really weird but I am having faith that all this timing is working out.  I am wondering if I shouldn't start my meds on the weekend to give me 3 days of being on them before starting work.  Did any of you just start taking meds the same day you went to work?  The feeling "high" thing worries me.  I don't want people to think I'm stoned at work.  I sometimes get this weird feeling that they want the money coming into their clinic but that could just be me.  I get this feeling also because some other organizations have told me if they don't work out I could think about going to a specialized hospital too.


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