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Newly diagnosed a few months ago.  I haven't heard much about how medication has improved quality of life for people.  Do people actually feel better once they become undetectable?  I have an anxiety disorder and also notice that I have the burning pins and needles in my hands and feet.  Also my limbs fall asleep easily if I don't keep them in a normal position.  My cd4 is 390 and vL 25k.  We haven't started treatment yet because my doctor wanted to give me time to consider which meds I wanted to start.  He recommended Complera or Stribild.  I've been feeling dizzy on a daily basis and also feel foggy sometimes.  I am wondering if I am not suffering some neurological problems.  In any case...  in a few weeks I will go back to the doctor and will start on meds.  My urine has been cloudy lately so I am going to the doctor this week to get that looked at.  Sorry for the confusion - my doctor is on vacation I think for 2 weeks so I am seeing another doctor for the urine.  I have gone in 4 times and 2 times were for anxiety.  It seems like when I am stressed at work I feel kind of sick or I get the feeling like I am going to get a fever but that doesn't happen.  Will that stuff get better?

Miss Philicia:
It sounds like everything is anxiety related -- isn't your doctor sending you to a proper therapist to address this. Untreated it's only going to get much, MUCH worse. You need to undergo cognitive behavioral therapy, but perhaps at the beginning it would be helpful to be on some anti-anxiety medication until the therapy begins to work and allow you to control your anxiety naturally.

Yes - I have a therapy appointment the same day I see my doctor this month.  I used to be on Effexor and Wellbutrin and stopped that a year ago since my life was going well.  If had any panic attacks or anxiety I would use Ativan to control it as needed.  Now I am taking it nightly to sleep otherwise I wake up with a panic attack.  My current ID doc frowns on using benzos so he is sending me to a therapist for this.  I have been dealing with depression since diagnosed and have started 5-HTP which is working for me but it isn't cost-effective.  So I hope to get this all figured out.  I am not fond of starting an anti-depressant because the side-effects aren't great but I may give in if it gives me piece of mind and will help me navigate this new road I am on.  I also haven't told anyone and I am trying to find support.  There is a mentor program here that I reached out to but the town seems kind of small and I think I know this person and didn't really get a long with them so I am not going that route.  I will be enrolled in an organization in a few weeks that have resources and groups I can attend but I really don't feel like "coming out" yet.  I also don't want to burden my friends and totally break down and be non-functional.  I know I am strong but I also know that being human I have to go through the natural healing process and it just scares me to open up and be vulnerable so this forum is my hope of helping and it has been helping me tremendously so far.  I have just been living a life of isolation and spending time with some friends acting like nothing is wrong or has changed in order to survive.

Complera and Stribild are both single tablet regimens, meaning just one pill a day. This simplifies adherance compared to some of the other treatments.  Stribild is very new -- just approved last year -- so not too many people on it yet.  My doc says it works well with few side effects, but is very expensive.  Complera has been around a little longer and seems to be well tolerated by most people, but it does come with a meal requirement.  If you search these boards you can find detailed discussions of both.  Sorry you have to join us here, but good luck.  You will be fine.

Thank you Vertigo.
I am leaning towards Stribild since comparing the test subjects to complera.  With any of these drugs I am just worried about how they will effect my organs.  I am also worried and hope that I will be able to function at work when I do start.  The one thing I don't see posted on here is the window of taking your meds.  I mean do people take their meds exactly the same time every day to the minute or do people vary day to day within a few hours?  I was wanting to take my meds at bedtime to reduce any side-effects but after reading it may be better to take them at lunch.  The vivid dreams kind of scare me because I can have nightmares just taking melatonin.  I am also worried about immune reconstitution and feeling sick.  It's hard to function in a high stress job.  I mean what worries me the most is trying to keep this all confidential at work and trying to stay transparent.


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