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What sort of horse do you view me as, Zach?

Because I have been that same horse - give or take - for the ten years I have been on his forum.

*modified to add - you seem to be telling me I am no longer welcome here. Is that the case? Will you replace me in AM I INFECTED? Where will you leave your legacy here?


--- Quote from: killfoile on January 18, 2013, 09:53:11 PM ---Zach,

What the hell is wrong with you?  Is this how you treat a member who is looking for information?  What an awful thing to do to a new member?

If you want to find a source of conflict in this forum, check the nearest mirror.


--- End quote ---

I'm quoting Joe's post from the other thread for reference, and also to ask the question myself.  I'm not trying to jump on you - I'm seriously asking out of concern.  You've had a posting history here over the last month or two that has been uncharacteristically  (by my judgment) angry and vitriolic.  Not just that - there is just an underlying energy of unrest and unhappiness that is just coming out of the screen as I've read through your posts in recent times.  You just seem really troubled, Zach.

I don't really know what to say, hon.  You make mention of how there is this primary circle here that never changes, and well...I have to make a few points about that.  One, in your case specifically, I just don't know what else I could have possibly done to have welcomed you into the fold.  Two, I'm not sure how that "primary circle" thing really holds up because, as JK said, that circle has  changed over the years.  I'm pretty certain that I would be considered a part of the AM Inner SanctumTM, but I was a fresh arrival once upon a time. 

I made this bunch a part of my family, and they made me theirs by way of mutual investment of energy and time.  I'm now wholly devoted to several of these folks to the point that I have no intention of letting them go even if this site completely crumbles. 

I say this because, it seems to me, that seems to be as much a part of the problem as anything else when it comes to "lack of forum unity" many people don't seem willing to stick it out for just a bit and learn  who the other posters inhabiting these forums really are.  They just cry foul right from the top - and often not because of any real slight, but because the "cabal" posters have committed the offense of not telling them exactly what they'd like to hear or how they'd like to hear it.

I guess I'm just extremely defensive of this site because it has meant the world to me.  Heck, I've even flown cross country twice just to get a few days with these folks.  And it continually perplexes me how the ones who are most often maligned as the "hateful posters" are the ones who I love the absolute most, and whose advice I count on the greatest. 

Did you know that once upon a time I  was even branded as among the hater posters?  (Shoot...I may still be to some on here - I dunno.)

The point is:  I think the people who are most often growled about are actually demonstrating the most real love here - because they aren't patronizing, they are putting in real time and effort themselves and, when the chips are down (and they have been REALLY down on a few occasions) they step up to the plate in a way that I just can't help but be proud of.

I see what you're saying, though, about how folks might be perceived by some of the more tender of the newcomers.  I do, but I don't entirely know what to do about that because I think (1.) accomodations are already made in IJTP, (2.) eventually kid gloves absolutely MUST come off as it takes a grown up mentality - full on Big Boy Britches - to last the long haul with HIV.  I don't care what anybody else says or what Flinstones Chewable ARV they're swallowing this week, and...

(3.)  this is HOME to this certain circle of people.  They've earned it as their place.  I've earned it, and I want them here just as they are.  It's what makes this place a refuge for me.  They're the fire that keeps me warm.  I think that, while we make every effort to welcome people in, at a certain point it is up to them to get the lay of the land. 

*Sigh*  Just like JK....  TL/DR

okay guys, help me out... what is TL/DR ?

I can spin variables to match all day long, but tis better to ask---saves time.



--- Quote from: emeraldize on January 19, 2013, 10:00:34 AM ---okay guys, help me out... what is TL/DR ?

I can spin variables to match all day long, but tis better to ask---saves time.


--- End quote ---

Too long; didn't read


ohhhhhhhhhhhh. never would have arrived there.


Not true   I did


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