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Intelligent debate dictates that people are willing to listen to viewpoints other than their own.  I witness that so much in my every day life. 

I didn't exactly make a great entrance here.  It probably focused on my desperate need for support.  Perhaps my arrogance once against kicked in, but I dealt with it with less than stellar grace.  But I have, and continue to gain so much from this dysfunctional family and will always hold most within my dear grace.

So many comments and lessons here have had profound changes that I can't imagine changing much.  One tag lines that amuses me often is; "AIDS isn't for sissies".  Oh, and the one that taught me the most; "grow a pair".  ;D

Can someone clue me in as to which thread started this all?  I'm lost

Jeff G:

--- Quote from: bmancanfly on January 22, 2013, 11:47:35 AM ---Can someone clue me in as to which thread started this all?  I'm lost

--- End quote ---

You could be pointed to a thread as an example but for the most part it all useally starts with a new member or an old one with an axe to grind . Many times people post on a topic or start a thread and when somebody disagrees or shows proof of an error in fact they are unable to deal with the critique and go off the deep end . Its bad form to dredge up some examples of this because some members that have been banned are not here to defend themselves . 

I tend to think that some people come here with expectations that support means what ever they are feeling or thinking is going to be validated and that's just not how it works . Many times people have to be told uncomfortable truths so that our little community does not to appear to endorse bad science , unsubstantiated claims or just fall into the category of enabling behaviors that may be detrimental in the long run .

I can only speak for myself but I feel that some subjects that cause controversy and hurt feeling are vital to persue because a life could very well depend upon it .

I am always anxious to hear from people who have trouble with the forums and the members.

More to the point, I wish to hear the plans to  take the reigns, as active members, moderators, or benefactors.



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