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Please offer your feedback regarding the hotel I am currently working with for AMG Chicago.

Inn of Chicago - Magnificent Mile

Check in - August 8
Check out - August 13

$135 per night + 16.4% tax

Group must book 30 days prior to arrival
Cancel 3 days prior to arrival
No resort fee
3rd and 4th person permitted in room at $10 per person

The above rate is still being negotiated and may be less.


I'm not overly familiar with Chicago, but this looks like a good location, and a nice property.  Mass transit is about 5 blocks away.  Price seems reasonable, for Chicago.

Hopefully some of our members here who are familiar with Chicago, like Jeff, will comment.

Jeff G:
Its a good location for sure and the price seems reasonable .

I think it looks great!

Thanks Dennis!!


The hotel also as a terrace on the roof which may be an ideal location for the meet and greet.


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