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Treatment for 6 months, lab results a little personnal reflexion...


So Ive just received my last blood test and wow, they are incredible, Im very happy to share it with you !!!! (I dont have many people to whom to do it...)

After just 6 months of differents ALTRIPLA generics, my VL is undetectable (I was expecting it...), but my CD4 is back over 700 (and have a %CD4 of 32), I just cant believe it !!!!

Starting treatment has just been the best decision I could ever have taken...  I feel much more better, more energy and Ive been able to adapt me quite well to this new life with HIV... (mmmm despite of a light pulmonar infection 2 months ago, very affraid of having being infected with TB, but thank goodness, it was not...)

These last years have been really hard, but also Im glad because Im still at high level in sport in my country and professionnally it is strange to say these have been my best years (I just started to have big responsabilities in a multinational few months before being diagnozided, I was thinking to get out of it, it has been good to stay !!!).  Im about to move to Canada and despite he knows about my medical condition (I told him last week), my boss does not care and wants to give me some more responsabilities there, just wonderfull...

In this time I also made important changes to my personnal life, much more ordered, I finally got separated and I find a (neg) girl that loves me and despite of my HIV and many matters decided to start a good relationship... 

Im so glad about the great people Ive met here too, there are some wonderfull people in this forum, really very supportive...  Really good advises...  Thank you all !!!

So, for sure HIV has not been a good thing in my life, but this f***ing situation helped me a lot to make some priorities, to take decisions and give its real value about what life is...

Hello Val!
I think its your strong attitude and the fighter in you that have gotten you through so well. From your posts on this forum and a few pms, I have come to see you as an inspiration. Thank you for that. I am not surprised that everything is working out great for you...and I am very happy for you! Keep it up...never stop!!
Hugs to you!

Great to hear.  I have thought more over this holiday season than any about going ahead and starting meds.  Hearing stories like yours makes me think I will feel much better and wonder why I waited.

All the best for continued happiness. 

Thanks a lot for your answers...  Karry, youre so kind, you helped so much when I needed it, you know...

Ted, starting meds seems something scary and hard, but once youve done it, it is not so terrible, just a routine to take because I think it can be easy to forget it...  Definitively it has been a good deal to start early and if you can do it, I would recommand it...


Great news! I'm on a similar timeline (early on a roller coaster) starting meds with Atripla as you. Hoping for the same great news soon.


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