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yay sick and feel horrible

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Finally starting to get over this cold or flu think this will bring my cd4 count down?


--- Quote from: MiniPozToyota on January 20, 2013, 03:48:50 PM ---Finally starting to get over this cold or flu think this will bring my cd4 count down?

--- End quote ---

It might, and it might not. If it does, it will only be temporary. It's not like CD4s can only go in a southerly direction - they can and do fluctuate up and down all the time.

Funny enough, the last time I had a kidney infection brewing my CD4s were higher than they had been for my previous two or three quarterly blood draws. Go figure.

The nurse practitioner I spoke to at the time said that it may have been because my overall WBCs were a lot higher than normal (due to the infection).

CD4s are a subset of WBCs, so it does stand to reason. WBCs will normally increase in the presence of a bacterial infection.

Anyway, the take-away message in this is... don't sweat it. Any fluctuation in your CD4 count due to a cold or flu will only be temporary. 

well its going on about a week (thursday) since i caught something, the fever isn't there anymore but the thick mucus is still and the constant coughing (sounds like ive been smoking since i was two!!) btw i dont smoke, I've been through 3 bottles of cough meds and still nothing.... any ideas? oooo yeah also in the morning tim im coughing up blood for about 10mins throughout the day is slighty coughing no blood but at night its like hardcore coughing HELP!!

Miss Philicia:
If you're coughing up blood you should be calling a doctor, not posting incessantly on a web forum. Same rule goes for blood coming out of your butt hole.

It still sounds like bronchitis to me. Does the medicine you bought contain guaifenesin?

Not sure how we can help.  Even if you were sitting right next to me, I'd still give the same advice.  Coughing blood isn't normal and you should question your doctor instead of hoping for some random answers.

Hope you feel better soon.



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