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Boyfriend diagnosed last week

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I hope my story turns out like yours. The guy i've been dating is having a hard time dealing with his positive status and is ending things with me because he's afraid he's going to give it to me. He just found out back in October.

Hi all,
I just want to share with you my recent experience. I just recently met great guy, before decide to do not protected sex, we go together tested. My test was negative, unfortunately he got positive.
I was prepared for getting positive result myself, not that I wanted but I know that could happen especially that I did few times unprotected sex, I was tested every 6 months just in case, because of my active sex life. That was his first test ever.
I was sad but it didn't changed anything in our relationship. I am ready to support him, because I waited all my life to meet such great guy.
I want him to feel comfortable, and sure that I will never leave him because he is hiv positive.
I am ready to support him. I am even ready to heard some day that I am also hiv positive. Of course we will use protection.


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