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Hi I know its been a while since I've posted anything, just got back from the doctors and got my new test results cd4 count went down to 135 and my vial load is still undetectable, it seems like my cd4 count is still at 16% though which my doctor says is a good thing. Its seems like my cd4 is never going to be above 200. My doctor says that I am very healthy and not to worry about things, in fact he jokingly says that I am a boring patient. I guess I am worried that I will never be up over 200. thanks for listening. Take care everyone

Dont worry about the actual numbers as its the percentage that really matters.I have taken mrds since 2006,As I took them "religiously",still do....I became UD within 3months bit while the actual percentage was rising ( 45%),the actual numbers were slow in catching up.I am about 885 now  but I dont worry bout it as my % is good.There have been times when they fell abit but again my consultant wasnt concerned.I hope it helps.....keep an eye on the %
Be blessed

Thank you Jessy it does help, that's what my doctor said to that as long as my % keeps going up my numbers don't really count to much. I go back in 10 weeks for new tests. Thanks again for replying it does help me out a lot when I know there are others out there that are or have gone through what I am going through.

It can take a while - in some cases years - for the CD4 to get above 200 for people who started with numbers as low as yours. Your percent is going in the right direction so that bodes well for the future.

One thing to keep in mind is that the absolute CD4 number can change by as much as 100 in the course of a single day. This is why trends over time are more important than one single result. Your trend over time is going in the right direction.

When on meds, the more important number is the VL. As long as that remains UD, you should be fine.

You might want to post about this in the Living forum so you can get some input from members who experienced a long, slow climb to numbers above 200. There are quite a few around and they're doing well.

If you don't want to write your post out again, I can move the thread for you. Let me know.

Hang in there - you'll get above 200 one day. I understand that it can be frustrating in the meantime, but you will get there! :)


If you think it would help go a head Ann and move my thread to the other forum and thanks for your post.


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