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New David Baltimore video on VIP.

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New video of David Baltimore taking about VIP; but nothing new per se. Just wondering...broad neutralizing antibodies are used with VIP, so if the RIGHT BNA were used, could'nt VIP also work in theory as a therapeutic vaccine of sorts;  and since the immune system is bypassed it CAN potentially work better than the current vaccines in diffent phases, e.g.:  the vaccine on the news last week from Barcelona University’s Hospital Clinic. Any thoughts?

I think VIP was already posted on here. Just move and sorry if it is. Here is the video:

What is VIP?

vectored immunoprophylaxis

Haven't heard of this VIP before.
It definitively sounds promising.
Even though I hate all the marketing speak and fluffy words "VIP is a bit heroic, nobody’s ever used a vector in this way. Nobody’s ever used genes in this way." bla bla bla

But from what I understand it sounds like a gene therapy (although they don't use that term in the article): you use a viral vector to introduce new genes (in this case for the antibodies) into muscle cells. Personally, I am not yet convinced that gene therapies are safe. Sure, they have a huge potential but you never know where in your DNA the new gene is being inserted. If it's the wrong spot you have a small chance of developing a tumor. But there has been a lot going on in the field of gene therapy in recent years and perhaps these problems can be solved.

I posted this video discussing VIP about a year ago.  Good info.


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