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Dear experts,
I am in serious need of some reassurance.
Approximately 6 weeks ago I met a girl on the internet and we engaged in protected vaginal intercourse and unprotected oral  both ways. At the end of our encounter I noticed what looked like bumps in front of her arm pits that had surgical marks on them. I didn't clue into what that could be until later.   The most concerning is the cunnilingus. My oral health is pretty good. I have read numerous posts on this matter and have taken some comfort from previous responses. This is the only risky behavior I have been exposed to. 
I know you don't like to hear about symptoms but mine seem worse than any of the others in similar postings.
Within 2 weeks I noticed a dull pain in both arm pits. A few days later mild nausea and about 4 nights of night sweats. My temperature seemed to fluctuate. I had diarrhea for about a week and it still isn't normal. Pains in the groin.  I have recently noticed my arm pit lymph nodes are quite swollen still. I just found them. They are about the size of grapes.  I am under severe stress now. I have had itchy eyes and headaches. Also camera flashes and headlights seem bothersome. 
I cannot get up the nerve to test as I am not ready for the life changing news that may accompany it. 
Do I have any reason to worry or is this unfounded?
I feel pretty much normal now except the stress and arm pits.
Thank you for your time.

Andy Velez:
Nothing you are reporting has put you at risk for HIV transmission. You used a condom for intercourse which is exactly what you are supposed to do. They provide very effective protecting against HIV transmission.

If your symptoms persist that is something to discuss with your doctor. They have nothing to do with HIV.

The only confirmed risks for the sexual transmission of HIV are unprotected vaginal and anal intercourse. As long as you consistently use condoms for those activities you will be well protected.

You are worrying needlessly and there is no need for HIV testing.

Thanks Andy,
I appreciate the reply and reassurance.
My problem is this just seems like too big of a coincidence

I performed cunnilingus on a girl that is from the carribean somewhere. She had onvious axillary biopsys. So I am conviced that she has HIV. She is probably in this country illegally and cannot access meds. Her viral load may be very high is what I'm thinking.

I had symptoms within approx 2 weeks of this event.

My axillary mymph nodes are huge right now still. I have a hard bump on the bottom of my chin I think must be anotther one.

I have felt otherwise healthy my whole life (I'm 33) until now. I just don't feel good about this.

I can't stay off the net which doesn't help I know. But everything is pointing to HIV.
So scared

Except as Andy has informed you, you had no risk whatsoever for HIV from cunilingus.

Sometimes coincidences happen. Also, we seem to be having a wicked cold and flu season.

Thanks for the reply but this is no cold or flu. It has been 2 months since my exposure and my nodes have been bugging me for 6 weeks now.

So I want to get off the internet and quit turning my mind to mush. I just want to ask one last time the opinions of the experts.

I have aa white tongue now for the last week or 2 and a feeling like a have small cuts in my mouth. My uvula is red inflamed with a few bumps on it.

My eyes are very dry and somewhat blurred vision

I have quite a few large lymph nodes in my neck and clavical area, under both arm pits, my groin doesn't srem too bad but a few small hard ones. The backs of my knees have neen bothering me and my limbs fall asleep very easily

I want badly to attribute my symptoms to stress and anxiety. I want to get off the net and throw myself back into work. Everyone there knows I'm depressed. I need to turn things around.

Thanks for taking your time to review my issues. You guys are reaally helping me through this.


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