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Atripla vs. Complera

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First day on Complera, so far an improvement on Atripla, no foggy 2 hours which in itself it is a huge improvement and no other adverse symptoms (yet)..
Time will tell.

I am a new user on here and have a similar question about what to expect with the change from atripla to complera. I have had two years of debilitating side effects and my doctor recommended switching to complera.

On a side note, I am a bit disappointed at the responses in this forum. Not to discount the experiences of those of you who paved the way for us "newly infected" individuals, I'm shocked at how off topic people got this thread. The question was rarely addressed. In terms of nights of drinking that end up with occasional missed doses, rather than attack lifestyles, why not work towards finding a solution around the drinking? Perhaps taking your pill before you start drinking? Or maybe keeping your bottle next to your bed?

Day 5 from switching from Atripla to Complera, so far it is the best thing i have done since starting meds, I hope my cd numbers  (in 10 days time) will match my optimism for my new regime.

here is my small experience with atripla and complera (called eviplera here in Europe):

when i started medication my viral load was about 200 000, and atripla was the only single tablet regimen available in my country.

As i had at the beginning a lot of side effects (i was very depressed: just been diagnosed, and my girlfriend who i was supposed to marry, dump me in a very very rude way), i wanted to switch to complera, i took another health insurance in a different country where complera was available and then switch to this one (my viral load at this time was not detectable thanks to atripla).

And the side effects was even worse (i still had insomnia and a lot of stomach problems), i kept complera for a month or two but the side effects didn t go away.

So i went back to atripla and nowadays the only problem i have is sometimes a sleeping disorder, but nothing to bad, so i keep this medication.

As we all have different reaction with medication, I will recommend people who hesitate to try both of them if they can, and see which one suit them the best, my doctor told me there were not risk to switch from one regimen to another if you were not detectable.

About forgetting to take a pill, i have read than atripla stay longer in your body than complera, so maybe it is better to keep this one, specially if you don t have a lot of side effects. And you can still put your pill box next to your pillow, so you won't forget to take them.
 And if you wake up in the middle of the night stressing if you have taken your pill or not, you can check your pill box next to your bed.

Latest results since starting Complera C4-875 u\d
..goodbye Atripla!!


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