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Atripla vs. Complera

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I'm current on Atripla, but yesterday my doctor recommended that maybe I should switch over to Complera? What are any other benefits of switching besides the low side effects?

Miss Philicia:
What problems are you having on Atripla?

Not really having any issues, but some nights after a couple glasses of wine, I may forget to take my Atripla and not realize it until the morning. Of course I'll take it right away, but the feeling I get an hour or two after feels like I've smoked an entire bucket of pot. While the feeling is okay, if I was in bed, it's annoying as hell when I'm sitting at my desk at work.

Better solution:  Don't forget to take your pill at night.  (or if it only happens once a month or so just skip that dose)

Or scale back on the wine at night.

Holy cow. You are going to need to change some parts of your life to accommodate this treatment. I am a little chagrined that your doctor is willing to swap meds for, pardon me, such a lame reason. Sure there are a LOT of combos. But I bet there are also a lot of reasons to miss doses.

Sorry to sound unsympathetic. Please remember I come from a time when people had watch-alarms that went off every four hours around the clock so that they could take soul-destroying amounts of AZT monotherapy.

I did not think we had come far enough to toss a regimen because a person couldn't be bothered to set an alarm or use a pill sorter or, you know, take responsibility to take these life saving meds.


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