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Queensland scientist develops treatment to 'keep HIV in check'

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I tend to take any "cure" or vaccine (or whatever latest hiv R&D hits the "news") with a very large grain of salt unless the news article is written by someone like Gus Cairns or Tim Horn.

Articles about developments in the hiv field written by mainstream journos (and in that I include outfits like the AP) are usually so full of mistaken generalisations and other errors that they're rarely ever worth the bandwidth they're written on. While there are usually grains of truth in the articles, they always seem to focus on whatever sensationalist headlines they can pull out of the information and f*ck the reality.

Studies published in peer-review journals are another matter entirely - I'm strictly talking about mainstream news items published in response to the published studies (or news items published in response to sound-bite press-releases that have been misunderstood or taken out of context).

Caveat Lector!!!  Reader Beware!!!


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