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I may not be around much in the near future . . .

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Went thru the same with my dad a few years ago, pancreatic cancer.  Hospice was wonderful, making a difficult time easier.  They were there for the whole family.

Your family will be in our prayers.


So sorry buddy.  Seems there are no appropriate words to convey my heartfelt thoughts for you.  My father passed a couple of years ago and we had been hesitant to place him in a home or contact hospice.  Ultimately, hospice was the greatest option we could have arrived at.  Not only was he well taken care, he enjoyed the care and attention that was provided.

hugs and luvs


Dear Mark I am close to My Mom and am trying to help Her as She gets older.  I thought I would be gone by before now.  It is wonderful that You are still around to help Her thru this horrible time. I don't. Know You but included You in My prayers.

Hugs Bobby

I can relate to what you say.  My Mom died in 2007 and I am still experiencing anxiety and stress.
Take care of yourself.


Sorry to hear it has gotten to this point.
My partner's mom had bone cancer and was put in hospice care.
They entire family was greatful for having the support.

I have been thinking of you since you first told us what you have been going through.
Please take care of yourself!


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