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I may not be around much in the near future . . .

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Please know that I'll be thinking of you, even if you're not posting here.  I'm sorry you are having to go through this difficult time with your mother. 




Our hearts goes out to you, your sister and mother. We will keep all three of you in our thoughts. Over the past 12 years, Ed and I, have dealt with loosing our parents, my sister, Ed's brother. It is so emotionally and physically draining, so please take some time out for yourselves, during this difficult period.

Please take care/ Stay strong-----Ray and ( Ed)


I am so sorry to read about your mother.  Of course your mind and emotions will take flight during this trying time and posting here will likely, at times, be the last thing you may want to do.

Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.


Mark, damn.  So sorry to read this sad news.  Both my parents died within the past 5 years so I know how emotional the process is.

Hospice is wonderful.  I helped take care of my parents in their last days, with Hospice also involved.  They keep the patient's comfort at the forefront which is really the ultimate goal. 

I will certainly be thinking about you, your sister and mother.  Please take care.

Mark , such a hard  thing to  admit you cant do it all  any more...the Hospice folks  took  really good care of my Mom, two  Brothers in law and  My younger  sister over the past 3 years.... you need  to be sure to  take care of yourself..... I will  be  thinking of you and hope you allow yourself some slack for  not being able to  do it all .....happy  to  chat anytime



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