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Uncle Poodle on the Honey BB

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Miss Philicia:
You mean this?

Hey Fisher, I merged your Uncle Poodle thread with the already existing one, so you can catch up on what everyone thought about it all.

--- Quote from: Miss Philicia on February 09, 2013, 10:19:30 PM ---You mean this?

--- End quote ---

I particularly like this paragraph from the blog entry above:

"Silence is part of the stigma that drives HIV. I get it. I understand that blaming an ex-partner for infecting someone with HIV is a very functional way to divert attention from important conversations which require that we take responsibility for our own actions and our own sexual health. But that discomfort is not an excuse for refusing to prove you told the truth, or to answer specific questions about your HIV disclosure."

Did Uncle Poodle really think that nobody would check up on his prosecution claims? I'd like to say that people can't be that stupid, but ... well ... you know. I guess they can. ~sigh~


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