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Uncle Poodle on the Honey BB

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--- Quote from: mecch on January 26, 2013, 05:39:40 AM ---Here's a question -
is this author
a Forum member? Or maybe did he get his take-down line of inquiry reading our forum?    8)

--- End quote ---

Or maybe he has the same intelligence and common sense that came through on this topic here!  It ain't rocket science.


I seriously doubt the author took his lead from reading "Uncle Poodle on the Honey BB." All one needed to do was click on the home page of the blog Viral Apartheid and see that the blog is about HIV discrimination, not Uncle Poodle. Now that doesn't mean the author isn't a member of the forums, but it's obvious he was working on this long before this thread was started.

On a side note:  Jeromy Dunn is mentioned in the comments.

Miss Philicia:
omg! we wuz out-hustled by a blogger!

Has anyone heard the news?

Duh! I guess everyone knows, and I am just so, so slow in backwoods Maine.


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