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I'm going to hell in a hand basket...

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--- Quote from: BT65 on January 15, 2013, 09:31:24 PM ---

I like Mark's suggestion of not having to listen to people who bug you.  I'd go with that.

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I can also take off my glasses, and not bother looking at anyone !  ;) This way I can just say, can't hear ya, can't see ya !  ;D

Ray 8)

Ray,  got  mine a year  ago  great to be able to  "tune out" who/what you want... mine have 3 settings to  filter the  "noise".......   good luck with the  new
AIDS (  Hearing)


Hi Ray, I hate it that you're going to need hearing aids, but I'm glad that you will be able to GET them!   I know they can be very pricey.

I hope you can get a pair that work well for you, and you will notice a marked improvement in your hearing, and thus, your quality of life.

HUGS, Alan

I've always wanted to go to hell in a hand basket...where did you get yours? Does it go real fast?

Yes, the getting old thing is tiresome. I was at the gym today and thought to myself "what the hell am I doing here, I'm 54. This is all damned hard to do." But I keep going, I've just learned to ignore the creaks and snaps.

You are not alone.

My friend's  11 year old son needs cochlear implants-he's going completely deaf, and I struggle with what is called hyperacusis, the hypersensitivity to sound.

Hope these help and aren't too much a pain in the arse.


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